NSB App Studio Saving

I am not sure how to stop automatic saving of program when I am coding. Many times, I working in making changes to code to improve or fix error, in a form or code. Sometimes the changes do not work. Intentionally, I never save the program changes until I know the changes worked, but somehow automatically is already saved, messing up the original program before I made changes. Very frustrating. Anyway to stop this, and only save changes when I choose to?

I expect George will provide a better answer than this:

I believe it saves automatically every time you “run” the program in the browser. I think that is necessary for it to run in the browser.

What I sometimes do is save a copy of the program (using “Save As” before I start messing with it, but you then have to re-open the old program.

If the changes don’t work, I have a good copy to go back to.

@slm is correct - AppStudio saves regularly. The risk of a crash or a hang causing the loss of hours of work is something we all dread.

Best practice these days is to use a version control system. If you want to experiment with new changes (without risking your master copy), do the work in a branch.

I’ve done all my project this way for at least 10 years now - it’s a game changer. The most popular system for this is GitHub - we recommend it highly.