NSBasic future - BS5, jQuery


I’ve been wondering what will be the next smart move for AppStudio, now we have Bootstrap 5 released, not requiring jQuery. jQuery usage is controversial as now a lot can be easily done with vanilla Javascript, but on the other hand, AppStudio functions relies on jQuery for some functionality.

In my personal projects I try as much as I can to stay under vanilla Javascript, so moving to Bootstrap 5 and not depending at all on jQuery shouldn’t be an issue for me, but any feedbacks or ideas around AppStudio future would help me which path to choose.

Ricardo Carraretto

We’ll be adding Bootstrap 5 to the list of frameworks we support. We won’t replace Bootstrap 4, though - people who are using it probably won’t want to make the switch.

My opinion on Jquery is that this is much ado about nothing. Jquery is just 89k. In the current internet, that is nothing. Bootstrap 4 is 233k. You probably have images bigger than that in your app.

With Jquery so commonly used, it’s almost certainly cached in your browser already, so there is no performance hit.

Is it needed? Strictly speaking, it never was. You could always code around it. Does it make life easier? Yes. I would not rewrite your app so it was not needed.

Thanks for the feedback. Considering that 5G is around, app/library size won’t be an issue even on much bigger numbers. My concern was just around its maintenance, undiscovered security flaws (as the one fixed in 3.5.0).

Looking forward wait to see BS5 available in AppStudio. I’m planning a niched CRM app and if timing matches it can be born under BS5 already.