Number only in a jquery text box

Hi Phil,
I am new to app studio and am starting my first Ajax code. I created a folder called “includes” and put some simple php code in it. Here is a picture

I then put a button on my form added the following code to access the php file

Function cmdDoAjax_onclick()
Dim req
req=Ajax("ajaxPost.php"/?myText=" + lblResponse.value, done)
End Function

Function done()
If req.status = 200 Then 'success
Else 'failure
msg = "Error: Status = " & req.status
If TypeName(req.statusText)="string" Then msg = msg & " " & req.statusText
If TypeName(req.err)="string" Then msg = msg & " " & req.error
MsgBox msg
End If
End Function

I get this message before I start:
The manifest for the php looks like this:
I removed all the text passing to simplify the issue but the software cannot find my php file.

Can you tell me where and how I should put the php file?

Bob Briscoe

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The Ajax appears to be an issue unrelated to the subject of this thread. Could you open a new issue?