Old version needed

Is there any webpage where to download old versions?
I need some version 7 earlier than 7.4.
My problem is that after purchasing version 8 i want to go back to the previous version 7.x but reinstalling version 7.4 the project doesn’t show the Forms, doesn’t start in the Browser, doesn’t do anything.
Probably i was using 7.3, but i’m not sure (the file.appstudio shows “version 7” at the bottom).

If the project was created with Version 7, the latest version of AppStudio 7 will have no problem opening it.

it’s what i also think, but what can be the problem?
I have also installed 7.4 on a different PC and also there I’m not able to open my project i was working before installing 8.4 (but there was an old version 5.x of AppStudio)

As I told, there are some fields in the regedit I couldn’t remove on the main pc. Let me show them here:

Those won’t matter. Only the one listed in the Wiki article is important.