Onclick event not working on jQuery Mobile Collapsible Control

Function CbF7c_onclick()
LbGridF7:value = "Hiring Choices: Help Desk Associate"
End Function

Where CbF7c is the collapsible control, LbGridF7:value =… is the action I want to happen. The “MsgBox…” I inserted to make sure it was even getting to here and it’s not… no message shows.
I’ve tried other events in the event list for the Collapsible control and nothing seems to work.

First, you can’t put a MsgBox inside a click event. It has its own events and clicks.

For debugging, use console.log instead:


Same result…
Console Log Result:
Document was loaded from Application Cache with manifest Application Cache Checking event Application Cache NoUpdate event

Using this code:

Function CbF7c_onclick()
   LbGridF7.text = "Hiring Choices: Help Desk Associate"
End Function

No events are documented for the Collapsible control:


When you click on the Heading, the event is used to expand the Collapsible, not for your onclick. If you click on the expanded area, ‘whatever’ will appear, but that probably not what you were looking for.

The “Properties” of CbF7c (the Collapsible Control), under Common, 3rd line, is a section called “events”… clicking on it results in a drop-down containing 9 events, Including “onmouseup”

Using two events, the first one doing nothing so that the Collapsible opens and the second one using “onmouseup” which trigger the change in the label that I’m looking for…r

The code now looks like this:

 Function CbF7c_onclick()
 End Function

Function CbF7c_onmouseup()
  LbGridF7.text = "Hiring Choices: Help Desk Associate"
End Function

You probably don’t need the Function CbF7c_onclick().

onmouseup will work on the desktop, but not on devices (they don’t have a mouse).

Duhhh… Unless you have another idea, I’ll have to change the design of this form… darn!