PDF Viewer Question

I am using the HTMLView to show a pdf. I am trying to enable horizontal and verical scrollbars and show the zoom, reduce and fit buttons. What style do I need to use to enable these buttons to appear properly?

I am using this for my HTMLView Inner HTML. I am able to get the scrollbars, but the zoom, reduce and fit button do not appear.

Any assistance is appreciated.


I just spent a frustrating day myself trying to use HTMLview to look at a PDF in a way which worked well across all screen sizes.

In the end, I asked whether the data was available in a different format. It was, and life became wonderful again.

If you have to use PDF, the HTMLview sample shows a simple way to display a PDF. It doesn’t sound like it does everything you need. For that, you’ll need a library which converts the PDF to HTML. PDF.js seems to be popular for this: