People here developing for Web browser + Native with services to database

Looking to network for folks here who have successfully deployed or working on deploying apps with these specific attributes:

  • Not just one platform, but deployed both as browser web app and native, ideally on both iOS and Android

  • Database centric, with service calls to a backend database like SQL Server

If you are in that zone, let’s network here and on LinkedIn.


Although I have a linkedin account I don’t like using it. If you want to discuss issues not of a general topic for this forum send me an email at I write web apps (WA), progressive web apps (PWA) and native apps using AppStudio and phonegap. These apps are mostly for remote data collection systems.

If you have a specific topic you think members of this forum would benefit from, concerning remote data collection, I’d be more than happy to join.

Thanks, John


I’m with John… LI isn’t my goto for communicating. You can always IM me here…


I have developed a few backend Python web apps. I am now planning to use NSB to the the front end. We just started to use Microsoft Azure Functions using python (Currently in preview mode in Azure). I don’t use LinkedIn. We can communicate in this forum or via email.
I do have several question regarding Security, Cookies, Sessions using NSB Studio.

I appreciate the replies.

We can just try to have the dialog right here. I’m just eager to connect with a few folks actually using this in a professional setting for apps similar to what I have done in the past and/or what I need to do today.

While I had some previous exposure to this product a number of years ago, and it was great then, what exists today, for me, is incredible.

From our Contracting side, we’ve done several projects like this:

  • In Ireland, an app for farmers to track their cows, from birth to death. Each device (iOS or Android) has the complete history of each cow and collects information which is synced to the central database. Phone coverage is spotty at farms, so the app needs to work offline or online. Runs on the desktop too.
  • In Germany, an app to book and schedule freelancers, equipment and meeting rooms. Runs on phones, tablets and desktops, both offline and online, synching to a central database
  • In Missouri (USA), an app to track animals going to auction. All types of devices again. Contracts are made in the field, then synced to a central database. 500,000 animals per year!

This is a great idea for a discussion thread - I’m looking forward to joining in!