Play Store Signing Nightmares


I am trying to upload a new build of an existing app to the playstore.

The app has been signed by voltbuilder, but the I get a fingerprint mismatch when submitting. I cant opt out of the play store signing option.

Not sure how I am going to get a keystore that will work. I tried recreating and using the one I create but then voltbuilder gives me an illegal alias or password, which I have kept the same.

Any ideas please.

Many Thanks

You’ll need to reexamine that assumption. The alias and password have to be the same as when the keystore was created. The message means they are not.

Hi George

I figured out that I have to set the alias password with -keypass when generating the key. That all works ok.

But my issue is trying to use the upload_cert.der that the playstore issues that you need to use.

I import it but it does not allow you to set the keypass. I am assuming the storepass and the keypass are the same.

(if you put in a keypass it ignores it because of the store type)

Voltbuilder then rejects it as it says the alias or alias password are incorrect.


Many Thanks for your help.


Here’s an interesting article: