Print2PDF on server, not device

I’m looking in
for any way of using Print2PDF to save a pdf to the server where my web app is run from. It saves to my downloads folder on my pc. Just wondered what was required to save to the server. Possible?

I realise I can send it with an Ajax call. If that is the only way can I save a .pdf without previewing first?


No definite answers here. I’ve done this kind of thing in other apps, however.

JS to PDF apps generally work by drawing the form to the screen, then capturing the screen as a PDF. Because of that, it may not be possible to avoid displaying it before sending.

Ajax is the most commonly used way to send a document to a server - that’s what it is designed for. I’ve also made apps where the pdf gets emailed.

I don’t mind displaying the form for the short time required to create the pdf. It’s when is called it opens the pdf in my pdf viewer. Can that opening of the saved pdf be stopped?