Problem loading folder images

In an app I use many images, which I have pasted in a folder called “images”. I drag this folder to the properties of the project.
In execution, to change the image in the control I use:

		image1.src = "images/Photo-" & CStr(Number) & ".jpg"

where Number is a correlative number of the saved images (Photo-1.jpg, Photo-2.jpg …)

When I run in the browser everything works ok, but when I deploy to Phonegaph, and compile an Apk, the photos do not appear.

I have tried to put all the images in the work folder, and in the manifest file write all their names ((Photo-1.jpg, Photo-2.jpg …), changing the load of the image as;

	image1.src = "Photo-" & CStr (Number) & ".jpg"

And then everything works.

That is, phonegaph does not find the files in the “images” folder, and does not compile them in the apk.

Is there any solution?

Try adding ‘images’ to the manifest in Project Properties.

In the first option I already added “images” in the manifiest property of the Project, but the app can not find the images, neither in “images/Photo …” nor in “Photo …”

Phonegap can not find the images folder when compiling the apk.

Is there a message from PhoneGap saying this?

There is no error message running the apk, simply images do not appear in the control.

Have you connected using the Chrome Remote Debugger? Any messages on the console?

Retomando el programa, sigo sin encontrar una solución para poder referenciar las imágenes.
No he sido capaz de manejar el Chrome Debugger. El dispositivo se conecta, pero no puedo ver nada…

En Phonegat he visto que los nombres de archivos son diferentes en mayusculas o minúsculas. Corregido.

Ejecutando en el navegador todo funciona bién, referenciando los nombres en la c arpeta de trabajo, tembién, pero Phonegap no recibe los archivos si se indica el nombre de la carpeta en manifest.

No puedo avanzar en este tema,

Returning to the program, I still can not find a solution to be able to reference the images.
I have not been able to handle the Chrome Debugger. The device connects, but I can not see anything …

In Phonegat I have seen that file names are different in uppercase or lowercase. Corrected.

Running in the browser everything works fine, referencing the names in the work folder, too, but Phonegap does not receive the files if the name of the folder is indicated in manifest.

I can not advance on this topic,

agggggg !!!
Finally I found the solution:
The names of the image files must be in CAPITAL LETTERS.
If they are in lowercase, they are not incorporated into the Images folder indicated in manifest.
It must be a Phonegap bug …