Problem selecting child objects


I am playing with the GridInGrid sample on Mac.

If I select a child grid in the Project Explorer and then right click in the IDE it selects the top control.

Am I doing something dumb here ?


Steve Warby


You have to select it in the Project Explorer.


Thats what I am doing.

I select the child grid in the Project Explorer.
I then need to right click this to show the add/remove child options.
When I do this the ‘top’ grid is selected.

I’m on a mac. Unless I’m missing another way to do this.


Can you tell me exactly what you are trying to do? Give me the name of the control you’re clicking on, etc.


I have done a screen grab explaining the problem


Steve Warby


The video is not playable on a Mac or PC.


Strange used a Mac with Quicktime…

I’ll re-do tomorrow.



I checked that video and it does not run on my Mac so no idea what happened their. I have re-installed Jing

This is really handy for this sort of stuff. The only issue is it creates flash files so I have uploaded to youtube


Steve Warby


I think there’s a problem with this one too. YouTube just shows “We’re processing this video. Check back later.”


Not having a good day with this.

fingers crossed…


Got it - nice to hear a cheerful voice!

Yes, your workaround is what I do too. Improving this is on the list.