Progressive Web App (PWA) / Service Worker is always running

If I read the docs correctly, and looking at the generated code, it seems that PWA.js is always included and the PWA Service Worker is always created. Seems like it should have a flag to turn it on, so to speak, only if you need it. However, if portions of appstudio use the worker for background functions, then I get it. It just seems like it takes a second or two extra to invoke it at app startup.

We’ll have a look at making this optional.

I’m pretty sure for my app that I’ll want it. I would think most mature apps would have background tasks running. And PWA is what users now expect for app operations - Either to do background data syncing and/or notification accepting. I’ll be getting to trying this out after a bit. I was just noticing the PWA.js file was missing from a build, and it made me realize what it was doing. Thanks