Reference a control by its name as a string

I am trying to do some foreign language support on my app, so one thing I have to do is load the correct text in every object on my forms. I have a database with phrases as my lookup.

To make the code really simple, if there was a way to reference a control and/or a control property from a string name, this would be a snap! (I do this in .NET now)

So something like this

Dim x as control           'somehow make a variable object
x="btnFaulted"             ' this is  the controls name
x.value="hello World"   'this sets the control names btnFaulted name property to 'hello World'

Is this possible in NSB?

Have you looked at

I did, but I have a lot of buttons, pop overs and in-line code message boxes so I decided to code it manually.

Yes, you can access controls by referring to them by their string name:

NSB.$("btnFaulted").value = "hello World"

(@jimossi is right - the i18n method is the right way to do this)