Retrieving Device Phone Number

Our app is coming along nicely. Looking in NSBASIC documentation, I do not see any examples, but can we get the phone number of the device the app is installed on? This phone number will be the only parameter we need to pull the right JSON data from our API. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!

You can get this on Android using a PhoneGap plugin:

Apple does not allow this on iOS.

Thank you… we are ready to deploy on our own servers. To get this app to install as an APP on a Mobile device, do we need to create the MANIFEST file ourselves? I would think when NSBASIC deploy it would create the necessary files for a mobile install…

Yes, AppStudio creates the manifest file and includes it in the Deploy for you.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

George, when I deploy - no matter where to - I see the OfflineApp file in the root of the deployment (which is becoming deprecated I believe), but I do not see the Manifest/JSON file. Can you tell me what or where that goes? Now, I did deploy to PhoneGap and that open system create the .apk for me nicely and it works really well. I just wondered if AppStudio could produce the same without PhoneGap. Thanks SO MUCH for all the timely responses.

OfflineApp.manifest is the manifest/JSON file - no other files are needed.

While using the application cache has been deprecated from the web standard, it is still supported by Chrome and Safari:

The replacement will be Service Workers, which are not supported in Safari on iOS or the desktop:

So, stick with using the application cache for now. I can’t see them removing this feature without causing utter chaos.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

Ok… I was confusing the Offline.manifest with an install package. Without an intall package (.apk) the AppStudio apps really are just web apps then, correct?

Correct - you can make a web app or an executable.

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