Returning to app after visiting a web page

Is there a control that I can add to facilitate returning back to my app after visiting a web page, or somehow have the web page appear in a modal form?

Maybe this will work: Create a form with an htmlview control the width of the form and say a bit shy of the height. Put a button at the bottom or top that says “Back”. Now load the webpage into this control and show the form. To return to the app which you never left select “Back” and hide the control or show another form.


Tnx for the reply John. It did not work.

I’ve learned from the documentation that AppStudio runs within a special version of the browser. Apparently when I call the URL of the web site, the site is loaded into a new browser page minus the normal browser navigation arrows.

When I test the app in the desktop browser (Safari) the navigation arrows are still intact allowing return to the form on the app.

When deployed on the device, the only way to get out of this new browser page is to press the “home” button on the device.

So what I need to know is there a way to insert the browser navigation arrows onto the new browser page.


As a work-around, I wanted to display a message box informing the user that they are leaving the app and being directed to a web site.

I tried the AppStudio “msgbox” object though that did not halt execution and was only displayed for about 500ms before the new browser page opened.

So I tried the html “alert()” command and that worked. I was able to stop execution of the code and display the message until the user pressed the “close” button on the alert popup.