Safari can not open page

Anybody getting a white screen on iOS when they run an app (PWA) from an icon at the device saying:

Safari can not open the page because your iPod touch is not connected to the internet.

The only way to make it go away is to erase and reload as far as I can tell.
Any ideas guys? no errors on the debugger at all on my desktop. I can not duplicate the error it happens randomly and at different devices.

What version of iOS is your iPod Touch running?

It’s tough to do much with problems like this if they cannot be reproduced.

IOS 12.3.1
6th generation iPood Touch.

I looked a bit online and I saw that are quite a bit of people having the same issue. It seems to point to an issue at the Apple side of things. But don’t know enough about it to be able to tell if they are right. I hope it is something else because having users reinstall the apps every time this happens is opening a whole bunch of other issues for me. A couple of links:

PWA support on iOS is still very new - parts are incomplete or not working properly. The most frustrating part is that Apple has made no effort to document what does and does not work. We’re all guessing.