Save As for new Project still deploys to old VOLT name

If i create a project named “first project”, it deploys to volt with a URL like:


If i do a “save as” and rename the project to “second project”, and make modifications to the project, i would expect it to deploy to a new URL. But it does not. It keeps deploying to the same URL from above.

To be clear, when i deploy “second project” to VOLT, it deploys the “second project” code to the URL:


this wipes out the “first project” code, and runs the “second project” code.

Is this the intended behavior for Save As, and deploying projects to VOLT?


When you deploy to Volt, your app is given an AppId, which you can see in Project Properties, in the Volt section.

If you clear that field, a new Volt name will be chosen the next time you deploy.

We could have this field clear automatically on a Save As - what do people think?

I haven’t run into this yet, but my understanding of “save as” is that it should not overwrite the existing file/project/… . So yes - I would support the proposal that “save as” clears the Volt name and then generates a new one.
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I vote yes - if someone has a need to make a copy with the original app id, then they can change app id back.

I vote yes, that would be consistent with “Save As” on all the apps and software i use.


I agree too. The current behaviour is not consistent with the usual understanding of “save as”. Thanks. Graham

Thanks - we’ll do it!