Screen height with gradient

By guys

First project with NSBasic.

The responsive is working okay. The only issue I have is getting the gradient background on each page correct.

If I set page height to auto that’s fine if the content is more than the device screen ie the screen expands and the background covers okay.

If the content is shorter than the device height I see the white background.

I can’t set the projects background to a gradient as it is ignored.

Any ideas for this and any comment on the site appreciated


Steve Warby.

Have you tried setting it after the form is displayed? = "red"

I think the issue is the form size not the background gradient.

If I set the height to auto I would expect the form to expand to accommodate all the components.

On the attached app on Form1 I have a 6 images but the form only goes to a certain size.
On Form2 I have one image and the form fills the screen okay.

How do I set forms to fill the whole screen when the components don’t fill the screen and expand when they do.


Steve (1.3 MB)

There’s a property called screenMode in Form Properties. It might help: