Spash Screen not fully displaying

I have an Android App built with AppStudio and Volt Builder. The issue that I am having is that the Spash Screen, which is a 3732 x 2732 jpg, does not fully display on my Sansung A50 or Galaxy S6 cell phones. The Image appears to be too large for the display so it gets cut off on all edges. Even the default NSB spash screen exhibits the same behavior. Is there a setting that I am missing that would help display the Splash Screen correctly?

Many Thanks,

Are you letting AppStudio generate the images?

Why is your image 3732 x 2732?

Oh… sorry for the typo… the size is 2732 x 2732. Yes, I am believe that I am letting AppStudio generate the Images but how can I be sure?

AppStudio uses the cordova-res library to generate all the different sizes from templates you supply.