Strange "email" capitalization issue

Inside a button onclick function I have:


I also have the following function:

Function email(t, subject, body)

    location="mailto:" & encodeURI(t) & "?subject=" & encodeURI(subject) & "&body=" + encodeURI(body)

End Function

… which is based on the “SendMail” sample

The issue I’m having is that the word “email” inside the button code gets capitalized (to Email) every time I close then reopen AppStudio. Because of that, when the project is deployed, function “email” doesn’t fire when the button is clicked (Email does not equal email). When I highlight the line or click on and off of it, Email immediately autocorrects back to lower case to match function “email”.

It also only has this behaviour if I have this particular form’s code showing when I close then reopen AppStudio. If I switch to display a different forms code then close and reopen AppStudio, “email” doesn’t get capitalized.

This one drives me a bit nuts since I always need to correct the capitalization before deploying. I have two projects using the same code that exhibit the same behaviour. Just weird how this somehow got scrambled/corrupted.

When I open and close AppStudio with the SendMail sample loaded I don’t see this behavior.

Any clue how to fix this?

You probably have something else in your project named “Email”. It could be a control, form, function or variable.

If you can’t find it, you can also rename the email function to something like sendEmail.


The form name is Email, so that’s likely the issue.


Update: Confirmed. My form’s name (Email) was what was causing the issue.