Strike out statement

can i strikeout a word in nsbasic/app, ie T̶e̶x̶t̶


I assume you mean in a field which is displaying in HTML format:

Do this:


to get


i have a grid control, i would like to populate some values in grid column with strikeout style, and this is able to set in runtime, possible to do it?


I just tried this and it does work to strike through (ie. <s>something</s>.)

However, this could be a problem if you don’t want the less and greater characters to be interpreted as html. I, just today, had that issue. When text containing these characters were put into a common grid cell they were interpreted as html characters. So when I put "< than me " into a cell it would not display. I ended up editing data before putting it into a cell by replacing < and > with &lt; and &gt;.

Note also that BS input and textarea controls (and I believe their label control) permit html data and cause issues when < or > are used but wanted for text and not as html directives.

Thanks, John