Using HTTPS Protocol On Deploy

Hi Everyone,

Im using NSBasic and quite happy with it. Im planning to install a SSL Certificate to my website. But when I built the project to my website www folder, the headers in the index.html (script and style links) are created with HTTP protocol, not HTTPS. Is there a way to deploy with HTTPS link?


AppStudio creates, unless told to do otherwise, all links as local link. This allows the app to run offline.

Can you post a screenshot of the links you’re concerned about?

HTTPS is a function of the server being configured to serve using that protocol when configured with a valid certificate. HTTP/HTTPS are the communication protocol and have nothing to do with the files they serve. The files created and placed into your www folder can be served by either method.

Look into the configuration of your server to make this happen.

Thank you Gentlemen for the updates. After a closer look, I changed the jQWidgets folder link on the Project Properties window and managed to build the index file correctly. Sorry that Im a newbie and thanks a lot for your support…