Using node.js and modules with Nsbasic in AppStudio

I would like to make use of node.js and specific modules ( sonos and hue) in Appstudio, but cannot find out clearly how.
Is there a documented example ?

The following script which I found works when I load the javascript library jsHue.js as a code

> Button1.onclick=function(){
> var hue = jsHue();
> => {
>     if(bridges.length === 0) {
>         Textarea1.value= 'No bridges found 1';
>     }
>     else {
>         bridges.forEach(b => Textarea1.value = 'Bridge found at IP address :'+ b.internalipaddress);
>     }
> }).catch(e => console.log('Error finding bridges', e));
> }

But when trying with sonos js libraries I fail using them, clearly because I don’t do things as they should…
and cannot move forward due to lack of know-how.

Thank you

We’ve been using node.js for projects inhouse - it can be a useful addition to AppStudio.

The next version of AppStudio (coming soon) will make this easier. Watch this space and the blog for more news.

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Looking forward to this, and hope it’s coming very soon.