Using Save As to duplicate controls


I have an “evaluation” version of my app that is crippled by not allowing decimals in numbers but the forms with their controls are what I want for the production version. I can change the code easily enough but there are many controls with a background color I want to maintain. I thought I could do a “save as” of the evaluation and make code changes to get the result I wanted but found out that only the code is duplicated when I did that and the bg color for the controls did not come across. Is there another way?


‘Save As’ should save a complete version of your app under the new name. The new app should work identically to the original.

Are you thinking this is not happening in your case? Can you double check that?



The next time I did it with a different name and it worked as it should. I have no idea why it didn’t the first time but I am happy you corrected me…again. Thanks so much.