In version, I have some projects cannot see the Design View (the projects are created in version 8.4.2), but not all projects. When I downgrade to 8.4.2, those projects is back to normal (can view the Design View). In 8.4.2, all projects cannot run as “Start in Desktop Browser”, I must run as “Deploy to local folder”. Is it normal?

Are you using any jQMobile controls?

Yes. Is it the reason that cannot show the Design View?

Yes. See this recent thread:

or this:

I try to convert the old project from jQM to BS4, but fail with the following error message.

Any chance you can send me your project? I’d like to try it here.

When I did a similar convert some time ago the less than symbol < appeared in label objects that contained html. After manually removing the symbol the objects appeared ok.


I try to use the FrameworkConverter again today and it work, but it show “Invalid persist dictionary: no !type member” when I open the project. Any help?

We haven’t seen this message before.

Can you zip your project folder and send it to me?

I think this problem is due to some controls that cannot be convert. I try to delete few pages and convert again. It work, but some controls are changed, so I think it is not my solution.

Not all controls are translated perfectly. As the utility says:

Notes All controls are converted, with the exception of controls which do not exist in Bootstrap 4. In this case, the converter will replace these controls with a simple Container with the same name and dimensions.

You’ll have to do fixups to your controls after the conversion is done. This utility does not expect to a complete conversion, but it will save you a lot of time by producing a new project with all the same controls, with the same ids, text values and positions.