Version 8 Web App Splashscreens

After updating to version 8, when i run my app in Chrome off my server, the splashscreen shows for only about half a second then goes white for about 5 seconds before it loads (there is normally about 5 seconds splashscreen before the app’s first form shows). This is with internet enabled.

If i turn internet off, and run offline, then start the app, the splashscreen shows for about 5 seconds and works as it should.

I haven’t touched any of the PWA settings and it is enabled.

Have i missed anything for it to not work properly in online mode?


Can you send me the URL to your app so I can try it here? Send it by PM if you would like to keep it private.

From further testing, i found that it’s quite possible that older versions of Android do not handle PWAs properly.
I was initially testing on a Galaxy S5 with Android 5, and this problem was present when trying to load the splashscreen with internet enabled.
I then tried the same app with a Galaxy S9 with Android 9 and everything works fine. I also found out that a Galaxy S6 running Android 7 also worked well.
I assume that this older Android version is the cause of this problem.