Verticle align in grid

Hi. I want to set the text in the grid vertically aligned to the top of the cells. I tried all this but mothing worked

$("#frmPassageGrid").css(“textAlign”, “top”)
$("#frmPassageGrid").css(“vertical-align”, “top”)
$("#frmPassageGrid").css(“align-middle”, “margin-top: 0px”)
$("#frmPassageGrid .align-middle").css(“margin-top”,“0px”);

What to do? Any idea?

This works in html tables but haven’t tried this (valign=‘top’) in the Common Grid:

<td width='40%' align='center' valign='top' border='0'><font face='Times New Roman' pts='8'>" & serviceData & "</font></td>")


Hi John

thank you. But that doesn’t work either :frowning:

You can do this cell by cell:


Great!!! I couldn’t find that in the documentation.

Of course you can (and want) not put all css functionality into the doc but a reference to a site that lists all the css functionality of the grid might be helpfull.