VoltBuilder creating signed apps

I press the VoltBuilder menu item and my project turns into an apk, without doing anything but waiting a minute. I don’t have to go to PhoneGap and unlock and remember my passwords to the keystore, etc.

It’s very simple.

I also see all the VoltBuilder properties on the Project Properties sheet. I see the certificate store file, that is not set. I assume some sort of default debug keystore is used. Should we create our own debug keystore as phonegap “required”.

Can I have a debug and a production key store, or do I have to change between them in the IDE?

And I saw the create keystore docs for Phonegap on the wiki, is there an updated one for VoltBuilder?

Yes, there is documentation for VoltBuilder here:

If you do not supply a keystore file to VoltBuilder, it will create one for you on the fly. Keystore files are required for Android Release builds, but not for Debug builds. This is a big improvement over PhoneGap, which required you to install the Java Runtime and do some command line stuff.

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