Vulnerable Javascript Warning from Google

I have had a notification from Google that my apps (built with NSBasic) contain a vulnerable javascript.

Vulnerable JavaScript libraries:

Please advise.

It’s because you are still using jQuery Mobile. That framework has essentially been abandoned by its authors. It uses the jQuery 2 library, which is now considered insecure, hence the error message from Chrome.

The solution is to convert to a modern, fully supported framework like Bootstrap 4.

AppStudio includes a Framework Converter which does much of the work for you. It’s probably your best bet.

(Please note that jQuery and jQuery Mobile are two completely different things. jQuery is a library of useful functions. jQuery Mobile is a library of visible controls (buttons, etc) built on top of jQuery. While jQuery Mobile is obsolete, jQuery is very much in use. The current version, 3.4.1, is used by over 80% of all websites)