What I get when I pay

I would like to pay, but I do not understand subscription? For what I am paying subscription? Can I have stand alone file which can be opened in browser or I cannot and it can be only run while I am paying subscription and from your server only. If I properly understand, all apps are gone when you stop offering support same what happened with VisualWeb GUI, who destroyed all apps people created because owner of company decided to invest in something else. If monthly subscription means that and concept is same like with VisualWeb GUI (app which cannot be run without you) then please say so so I can move on.

Is your app for mobile devices? If so, it needs to be opened in a browser to run. That means your app needs to be deployed to a server somewhere.

If you have your own server, it will work fine.

If you don’t have your own server, we offer Volt. In exchange for your subscription, we offer an easy to deploy to server, where we take care of all the maintenance and administration. It’s an important part of AppStudio, which isn’t going away. (Volt has other features too).

The other choice is to make a native app using PhoneGap.

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I created “hallo world” then i exported that, so I got some file (just as I wanted) named form1, I tried to run that file offline in browser and nothing happend… is it possible to create web app to be run in browsers as stand alone file written on my hard disk which can run in browser offline? i need app which can run offline in browsers

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘export’. You need to Deploy.

Perhaps these videos will help:


both run - deploy and file - export code, are not giving me stand alone file which can be written on hard disk and then run offline in browser…
is it possible or not?

For a standalone app (for iOS or Android), you’ll need to use Make Native App with PhoneGap.

If you use Deploy, you get a web app which is installed through a browser.

I do not need file which is going to be oppened with iOS or Android operating systems, I need file which can be oppened with browsers (Safari, Chrome, Edge) on any operating system which have ability to run browsers.

  1. When I pressed Make Native App with PhoneGap, I got file named HelloWorld-debug.apk to be saved on hard disk, and that file cannot be oppened in browser from hard disk. It does not work when oppened with browser. (in my case on browsers run on win 10, but that is not important because browser is browser. like any webpage, it is unversal)

  2. If i use deploy command then I get link named https://helloworld-drinks-continually.volt.live/. and because that is link that is NOT stand alone file which can be saved on hard disk, therefore ti cannot be run offline in browsers also

I just want to know can I have file which can be oppened in browsers offline

Make Native App with PhoneGap is for making iOS and Android apps.

A link like https://helloworld-drinks-continually.volt.live will load the app in your browser in a way which allows it to run in the browser offline. It caches all the files which the app uses.

You can also use Make Windows Executable (exe) to make a regular installable Windows app. Read more here:

when i press, https://helloworld-drinks-continually.volt.live/ it says … App Disabled :frowning:

I need my customers to buy and download file which then they can use locally (offline) in their browsers

i find your program best by far and leaps for developing UI forms on webbrowsers but if I cannot let my customers to download files then I am stuck — files which can run in browser off line as best solution to be cross platform… exe files are not for me…

my programs are educational, i do not need complex apps like exe apps

When you’re using the Demo, your app only remains available for an hour. With a subscription, the app will be available as long as the subscription is in place.

so it is impossible for me to somehow buy (download) program I create (for web browsers), even after I buy subscription, I can only rent it from you but it can never be mine (those programs created to be run in browsers)

You can also use your own server - there is no need to use Volt. In that case, no subscription is needed (though you do get the next version for free if you have a subscription)

ok i will use subscription but because I think program is great… so how can i get file to be put on my server, I use shopify… (that file which can be opened in browsers)… I want to put it as widget on my shopify page, and then ask for monthly access… also I want some files to be downloaded and sold as digital product…

you could create app for shopify, and sell you program there on shopify strore

I’m not sure I understand. Can you explain more clearly?

when I create app with command “deploy”,

  1. how can I put that link (app) to be run from my server
  2. how can I download that app to have that app as file on my hard disk, to be run on my local host (offline), in browser
  1. Set the information for your server in Preferences:

  2. This is done automatically when you load the app in the browser while online. AppStudio apps utilitize HTML5 caching to save the app in the browser’s local storage.