2019 Programming Contest Winners!

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our Programming Contest!

Business: Fanfare UV by Kevin Bainbridge

As is the custom, I would like to thank George and the team at NSB/AppStudio for producing such a good product and at just the right time to ride the PWA ‘wave’.

Having used NSBasic in the days of the Palm Pilot, and then used Java/Objective C/C# for app store development, a decision was made to concentrate on a single codebase to cover all types of device. Converting apps to NSB/Appstudio PWAs was quite straightforward and not unpleasurable - I had not appreciated how far Javascript had progressed in the last few years. PWAs are evolving fast but I am confident the team at NSB/AppStudio will keep up with developments.

Non Commercial: Gebelik ve Doğum (Pregnancy) by Egehan Yanık

I would like to thank Mr. Henne and the NSB/AppStudio team. I think NSB/AppStudio is a great product for developing cross platform software. As a Visual Basic lover, AppStudio is my primary tool for developing modern software. Thank you… – Egehan Yanık

Education: Arena Assistant by Drew Moffat

I would like to thank NSB for the opportunity to have our application seen by many others through this competition. I have spent numerous hours creating this application and debugging it while also working part time and going to school full time, so this award makes all that effort worth it. It fills me with excitement that other people found the application to be useful as well. This was my first time working with JavaScript and AppStudio and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to continuing my education and development with the tools. Again, thank you so much for the opportunity and I am so glad you enjoyed our application! – Drew Moffat

Complete results are here: https://www.nsbasic.com/app/contest/contest2019.htm