4 bug found in ver 8.3

1,i use a 192 png for icon, the apk doesn’t shows the icon.
2,dim lena, lena = Len(Label1. value) returns 1,should be more then 1.
3,responsive app, the background color only covers ~half the screen.
4,form border, if set to eg 2,only fills ~the screen.

1,i didn’t code the icon in the code window, extra file is empty, didn’t change the xml file. Is there any sample I can use, as all my previous app is losted.

  1. I don’t understand the question. Did you supply values for the icon (1024) and splash (2732) properties in the VoltBuilder and Cordova section?

  2. Try Label1.text (See the docs)

  3. Sounds like a bug in your app. Chrome Inspect Elements should be able to help.

  4. I don’t understand your question.

1,Oh, I only supply 192 png. the other two png haven’t done yet.i think that is the reason.
For the background color height and border height, I will try increase the height property tmr night, where only I will be free. Will update ASAP.

From the screen shot, u can see the background and border fills only half the form. Any remedy? Appstudio ver 8301

My app is OK with my phone, but my tab appears half filled with background color and border.