and Version 7 projects and PhoneGap icons / splash

Wiki says:

  1. All required icons are now automatically generated.
  2. All required splash screens are now automatically generated.
    This worked with a few projects built with AS7. Today I tried to update another project by adding the now needed icon and splash screen for PhoneGap. PG build showed errors that paths to android icon and splash would not exist, even after I had removed the older paths to icons and splash screen in config.xml.
    Indeed these paths, folders and files did exist. Then I had the idea that I should remove all lines one by one in config.xml related to splash screens. Finally I got a PG app built without path error. Problem seems to be solved. But when I compared config.xml files from other projects where icons and splash screens had been automatically built I could see that they contained old paths to icons and splash and PG had built these apps anyway without path errors. So my question could be:
    Which lines in config.xml should be removed in order to get a PhoneGap build right away?
    Or was it just an obsolete cache contents?

The Version 8 Breaking Changes section recommends removing the old code from config.xml:

The PhoneGap config.xml property needs to be updated. Fill in values for PhoneGap Icon (1024) and Splash (2732), then delete these lines from config.xml. AppStudio now generates this content automatically:
* Sections with <icon lines
* Sections with <splash lines
* <gap:splash src=’{splashscreen}’/>
Or, start fresh by copying the config.xml sample in shown in the Wiki and adding any other changes you have made.


Thank you very much.
Hopefully I will never forget it again.
Maybe this short explanation (delete these lines) could be included in the help texts for PG icon and splash screen or config.xml directly or by a link, just as a reminder?

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