Start in Desktop Browser PWA issue

When I updated to, I noticed that the tabs are no longer duplicated. Great, nice, very helpful. See post How to "start in desktop browser" without a new tab everytime for background.

But, I’ve found, as posted here Start in Desktop Browser starts program twice - windows with chrome, the pwa is invoking a reload unnecessarily in certain circumstances…

I found, similar to the problem in Modifying PWA.js code with ChangeForm, that if you close chrome between each invocation via desktop browser, that everything works fine. But if you leave the chrome open, press the deploy in AS without making any changes from the last time and leaving AS open from the last time, that the pwa now thinks it needs to reload. But there were no changes, so no reload is necessary.

Is AS changing some file cache indicator for one of the project files from deploy to deploy in desktop browser?

Not that we know of. I wouldn’t even know how to do this. The whole area of PWA refresh is not well documented.

I can live with the behavior. It’s not going to be seen by a user, so it doesn’t matter. It’s just an annoyance. But how often do you NOT make a change and restart the program :slight_smile: You’re always making changes, so this is a non issue, other than something odd is happening under the covers with PWA. I think it is related to the issue in Modifying PWA.js code (post 7). And it may be a chromium issue.