About SplashScreens setting

I am now doing this step: https://wiki.appstudio.dev/SplashScreens

I am very confused by this sentense:
“PhoneGap Apps
The default PhoneGap SplashScreen must be set in Project Properties. The file needs to be in the top level of the project folder. PNG images work best: the filename should also be added to the extraFiles property.
Put the main splash screen file name into ‘extraFiles’ in Project Properties: i.e. 320x426.png Also, in Project Properties, put that same file name into PhoneGap splashscreen.”

Should I open a file named “extraFiles”? Which file extension should I use for it?

Should I put the following line in the extraFiles:
(It is the location of my splash file.)
Should I put my icon filename in this file also?

Where is the files located: PhoneGap config.xml
I cannot find it. I can only find a config.xml file in the Properties folder of my project.

“Also, in Project Properties, put that same file name into PhoneGap splashscreen.”
Question: Put the file name into where? Where is the " PhoneGap splashscreen”. A file? or in the config.xml file in the Properties folder of my project?

Could you please let me know how to do the above steps technically. If there is a video of doing this, it will be helpful.

I like to use NSB, and I am an NSB subscriber. But no matter how hard I try to set up it. My NSB/AppStudio cannot make .apk file. It always shows me the error message: android
error Error: Source path does not exist: icons/android/ldpi.png
Even the volt not working also. It shows me the message “App Disabled Are you using the demo? If you are using the demo, your apps are up for an hour after you deploy.”

Last year, I installed the NSB and make an apk file just by some mouse click. That easy time seems gone.

Is there anybody likes to show me step of how to do the icon and splash setting? I will be very appreciate for your help.

No. extraFiles is a Project Property.

No. “The file needs to be in the top level of the project folder.” splash-port-ldpi.png should be in your project folder. Just put splash-port-ldpi.png into extraFiles.

The contents of config.xml in Project Properties is used to create the file just before uploading to PhoneGap Build.

Look in Project Properties, in the PhoneGap section. The splashscreen property is there.

Do you have the icon and splash folders set up as described here?


This is unrelated to PhoneGap. Can you support@appstudio.dev directly with your serial number so we can check on this?

Google changed their requirements for native apps recently. PhoneGap then updated their stuff.


I do not understand what is the format of extraFiles. It is not a file, not a folder. What it really is?

I need try to do this: “Just put splash-port-ldpi.png into extraFiles.”.

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It’s a property in Project Properties. Click on it and enter the filename.

I found it. Thank you.

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Is this the default size SplashScreen as required for PhoneGap? I’ve asked the same question on both stackoverflow and PhoneGap but never get any replies or definitive answers. I currently use a 960x420 pixel sized png as my default size but I noticed from the PG build log that the largest SplashScreen is always used from my SplashScreen folder. Every now and then I will get a crash report from Google Play (ListCanvassCannotDraw ) which is apparently due to something wrong with the SplashScreen. If I could find out what the default size is as required by PG then at least I could eliminate this as one of the problems.

I don’t have a definitive answer to this one - you might have to ask on the PhoneGap forum. I’ve been using 768x768 on some projects with no problem.

Thanks for getting back to me, I’ll try the 768x768 size to see it it helps me. I have asked the same question on the PG forum but received crickets and tumble weed as a reply. No harm in trying again I suppose. :slight_smile:

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