About Voltbuilder

  1. is VoltBuilder is part(not third party) of NSB studio “compiler” for android and ios
  2. is apk or ipa file builded by VoltBuilder is already a signed apk? Then, we can upload to play store directly?
  3. possible to auto download to specify pc folder after VoltBuilder is done building?
  4. all cordova plugin are still workable on VoltBuilder?


  1. VoltBuilder is a cloud based service. It is available with a subscription. AppStudio users can use it right now under their current subscription. Full pricing details have not been announced.

  2. You can produce both debug and release executables. There is more documentation here: https://wiki.appstudio.dev/VoltBuilder

  3. Not yet, but this is coming.

  4. All the plugins we have seen so far work. We recommend using plugins which are listed on npm.js: PhoneGap only plugins could be at risk if PhoneGap shuts down.

do you mean Voltbuilder, just like phonegap build, is a third party cloud service. Maybe few years later, we may still face the problem just like phonegap build?

Teo, Voltbuilder is owned by AppStudio. My understanding is they’re doing this because they were using PGB but that has become a non-viable solution. To protect their own business interest they’re building their own Cordova cloud build service. Voltbuilder was already being used for other cloud builds and is being expanded to include Cordova… as I understand it.

Not quite. We built VoltBuilder for this express purpose.

You could be thinking of Volt, which is our cloud based way of deploying AppStudio projects.

That is very great to hear that. For a program developer, it is a bit risk to use a program language which does not have its own compiler.

Well done, NSB teams