Accessing components in containers and grids

It would be a beautiful thing if I could select a container in the project explorer and right click to add / remove child etc etc. ( in fact the whole right click menu )

I am having to remove containers / grids to ‘get at them’


Steve Warby

Agreed - it’s on the list of improvements we want to make.

Any updates on this feature ?


Steve Warby

Not yet, but it’s not being ignored.

I’ve noticed the behaviour is still the same in Ver 7. Is this being corrected ?


Steve Warby

Here are a couple of blog posts showing what we did:

The main issue still remains ( unless I’m missing something ).

In the attached project if I want to add something to the blue container I can select it but when I right click ( to add component) the main container is selected.

So the only way to add a component it to remove it from the main container - add component - put back into main container.

This is a very time consuming process.

Could a right click on the component in the project explore bring up the menu ? (1.4 KB)

You only included the .project file. Could you zip your entire folder? (8.4 KB)

  1. Drag the new control onto the form.
  2. In the Project Explorer, select the new control, right click and choose Cut.
  3. Still in the Project Explorer, select Container2, right click and choose Paste.