Add a input control into every grid row

is there possible to add an input control into every grid row at runtime?


Which Grid control are you using? (From which framework)

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It is common grid that i talk about


Here’s the basic principle. You’ll need to work out all the spacing and formatting.

What we do is take an Input element which is already in your project called Input1. We clone it and add it to each cell. We also set the ID for the new input so we can reference it.


Button1.onclick = function() {
  for (row = (1); row  <= 4; row ++) {
    Grid1.setValue(row, 0, row);
    clone = Input1.cloneNode(true); = "GridInput" + row;
    NSB.$("Grid1_"  +  row  +  "_1").appendChild(clone);


Function Button1_onclick()
  For row = 1 To 4
    Grid1.setValue(row, 0, row)
    clone = Input1.cloneNode(True) = "GridInput" + row
    NSB.$("Grid1_" & row & "_1").appendChild(clone)
End Function


I am managed to append the input into a grid, however

  1. how can i get the clone input’s properties.
    NSB.("frcustord_gdtrx_1_2").appendChild(clone); NSB.(“input2”).hidden=False //no working
  2. And since the are many clone inputs into a grid row, how can i get the correct clone input value when one of the clone input is onchange


Notice how is set? = "GridInput" + row

The input fields are then named GridInput1, GridInput2,…

In your statement

NSB.("frcustord_gdtrx_1_2").appendChild(clone); NSB.(“input2”).hidden=False //no working

You are missing a $ in the 5th position.

The event called for the on change will be GridInput1_onchange.

Here is the no working sample, i have a input (input1) with hidden = true

If results.rows.length>0 Then
For i=0 To results.rows.length - 1
  r=i + 2
  clone=Input1.cloneNode(True);"input" + r;
   NSB.$("grid_" + i + "_2").appendChild(clone);
   NSB.$("input" + r).hidden=False;
end if

the cloned input are managed to added into each row, however all cloned inputs become visible after i set input1.hidden = false

secondly, since cloned input is a variable value, how can i write an event to cater all input on change