Add Listgroup icons


Is there a way to add an icon to Bootstrap Listgroup items?


What kind of icon? The same for all lines, or different ones for each line?

Just a few of the common icons like the arrows etc. like shown here

Only some lines need a icon. If that is not possible, having them on all lines should also be ok.


It’s in the next build, coming in the next few days.

Great, look forward to this.

I’m looking for this, I’m changing jqm to bootstrap4 list group and I want a right arrow for all items, is this available already?


The icon is called arrow-right.

You need to put it into the icons property in the Property Grid, repeating it once for each line.

But once it is filled programatically, how to set icons?

For i = 0 To 364


There is no easy way to do this at Runtime.