Admob(1)why adsense account(2)question about admob payment

I’m hesitate to upload to android at the moment, as I am afraid I might published sFighter will admob not fully implemented. My problem is:1)i saw my admob account page stating I am having a adsense account, which is weird, I posted to admob forum, but I haven’t got a 2nd reply for a couple of days. 2)my admob account page states that my payment status is uncompleted. I beleive I went through it, but how come I still got this err? Do I need to provide bank id, bank branch I’d and bank account number? I didn’t see I need to keep in these info in the payment page… Can anyone done with admob provide me with an answer? Thanks in advance, TsTan

1)i also sent my issue to adsense.
2)my Google pay account card had expired. Already add a new card info. Best rdgs, TsTan

1)i got a reply, “You need adsense account to link to admob for payments.”