Admob-plus-cordova android

I don’t know about JavaScript .using admob-plus-cordova.i don’t know what went wrong with this code, that I cut and paste from the npm … site,I put in function and JavaScript and end javascript.i couldn’t type the editor await ,it always appear Await

Function adm()
Let interstitial
document.addEventListener('deviceready', async () => {
  interstitial = new admob.InterstitialAd({
    adUnitId: 'ca-app-pub-xxx/yyy',

  interstitial.on('load', (evt) => {

  Await interstitial.load();
}, False)

document.addEventListener('', async () => {
  // Once a interstitial ad is shown, it cannot be shown again.
  // Starts loading the Next interstitial ad as soon as it is dismissed.
  Await interstitial.load()
End JavaScript
End Function

Should be admob-plus-cordova for android native app, sorry for the rdgs,tst

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  1. Which statement does the error message point to?

  2. Yes, await needs to be lower case. Can you try typing the statement in? I had no trouble typing this:

Function adm()
    await interstitial.load()
  End JavaScript
End Function

1)Err on statement let interstitial,uncaught syntax error ,err box stop on loading app on start in desktop browser.already type in adunitid,ca-app-pub-xx…/yy…,is it same as pub_id?it has been 5 months,I couldn’t find it on the admob site…
2)my admob requires review,but I can’t find where to submit review.can anyone point up for me?
Thanks in advance,tst

1)actual err msg ,uncaught syntax error:unexpected identifier ‘interstitial’ line 1877 column 5
2)under review might be because I couldn’t publish my app yet due to 1)
3)able to change to ‘await’ now
4) I change it to app id ca-app-pub-xxx/yyy

I know ‘let’ is a reserved word,but the npm code needs it,can I use it?

  1. Let is not allowed in JavaScript. Try removing it.

  2. The admob-plus-cordova plugin is approved for use with VoltBuilder. What approval are you looking for?

  1. Which line is 1877? You only show a short snippet.

  2. You should be able to type await over the incorrect one.

  3. I’m not sure what you mean here.

Remove let command,no err msg now.
2)sorry,my msg seems unclear.what I meant is my admob account is under review.once I publish my app, hopefully ,review will be automatically done.
Thanks a great deal for your tremendous support!,tst

Might open a new discussion thread if I encounter new difficulties ,closing this thread now.thanks for all for following this thread!,tst