AdSense format selector 300x250 creates 300x50 control !?

AdSense format selector for 300x250 creates a 300x50 control. A bug?

The bug can be recreated using the sample AdSense app (on my machine at least).

It’s been a long time since we revisited this sample.

What are your settings (in Project Properties for that control) for format and height?

I experimented with width and height a lot to see if those properties affected the format property. Keeping in mind that width is under Bounds and height is under Common, changing either width or height didn’t seem to make a difference. The “300x250” is the only format selection that seems to have this problem. I get a control that is only 50px wide.

It seems: When format “300x250” is selected, a width of “50” is being passed to the underlying code instead of “250”. If I were to guess: It’s as if the underlying code has a copy/paste error from the “320x50” selection.

FWIW, I was (also) not able to get your hosted example ( to work for me, but I only spent a limited amount of time trying to make sure I had ad blockers turned off (along with all the related settings that could be in the way). But it might be worth a once-over, in light of “It’s been a long time since we revisited this sample”.

The hosted example fails with an error 400, since the account it uses is invalid. We no longer have an Adsense account.

I assume you have one - are you seeing any messages in the console?

The hard part is to get Adsense all set up and configured. Once that’s done, the issue of the sizing on the screen can be dealt with.

Roger that. I still have a lot of client-side work on my project, so I will tackle the AdSense part when I get to that point. I mostly wanted to call it out for you, and to save the community time in investigating.

Thank you!