Adsense question

Hi, Do I need to set aside 300x250 form size for adsense,ie squish my app height;i already use the whole form for my app. Or adsense would format itsseif to the bottom of my app? Thanks in advance, tst

In my opinion, I think it’s best to add the adsense control to an existing form and treat it like an image. Like an image, you have full control of where it appears on your form. But unlike an image, adsense only comes in a few fixed sizes.

If you wanted your form height to automatically increase to make room for an adsense control, you would have to do all that programming yourself. adsense doesn’t automatically extended your form.

By the way, I did see (in the past) an issue with the sizing.

I’m not sure if it was fixed in AS9.

Thank you, I’ll take a look and try it when I’m ready for it. Anyway, do I have to supply the bank code and branch code? Another thanks, tst

Yes, you’ll want to create/register all the Google Ads account stuff so adsense can use it.

Noted with thanks

1)i run the sample on as9, it is 50 height. I am using a local apk, not a Web app, don’t know abt site building, don’t have hosting. Am I on the right track? Any other ads platform for my simple local android game app?

2)the sample shows a rect outline, there is no adsense site for me to register…

I believe the answer is no. I can only refer to the documentation:

Ads will only appear if you are running from a server that is registered to your AdSense account. VoltServer can be used as a site. Be sure to read Google’s terms and conditions to use this service.