Ajax calls being stopped by server

I have an app for school students doing a maths test. 24 students uploaded their results but my server blacklisted the IP as is was “Port scanning”. Tech help says I need to send all the Ajax calls from 1 port. Is this right? If so, how? Been through the ajax docs with nothing showing

This is an issue with your server, not the AppStudio app. You’ll need to speak to your server admin to find out what can be done.

Maybe I need to clarify my thinking about Ajax calls.

In my app, I make an Ajax call to a php script running on my server. The script returns information to my program. Since I have SSL running on my server, I assume the call is made on port 80 and the information back and forth is encrypted with the server’s SSL.
If I wanted to change the default port 80, I would have to get my webserver to listen on that new port.

By default, ajax calls are made on port 80. There’s a reason for this called Same Origin Policy and that policy dictates exactly what must happen and why.

If you’re using non-native javascript (i.e. jQuery) then good luck… I’m pretty sure those frameworks won’t allow you to specify a different port (see the Same Origin Policy).

From there, I’d have to ask why your app would be tagged for port scanning… you shouldn’t be doing anything with ports and if you are, you’re being too clever by -twice.

Are you sure the problem isn’t something else and you’re chasing down a bogus server error? (Meaning they could have blocked your app for a different reason and their error logging switch statement defaulted to port scanning.)

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