Android 10 : Uncaught Type Error myFunction is not a function

Is any one else having issues with a Native Android App (Voltbuilder) causing errors on app launch but only on some Android devices which seems it might be limited to Android 10?

The error is one of my specific functions i.e. Uncaught Type Error myfunction is not a function.

I can’t debug it as it works fine on my testing devices.

We don’t have other reports of this.

It’s tough to fix a problem if you cannot reproduce it. That’s probably what you need to do next. If you could come up with a minimal app which reproduces this, you could ask other people on this forum to give it a try.

I’m getting new reports with the same issue on Android 10, 11 and 12. I may have to purchase a newer Android device for testing.

I’ve known people who buy such a phone from a big box store with a good return policy. :grinning:

Thanks for the tip.