Android 12 ready tick implementation

Now that ios and android 12 issue seems to solved .may i suggest that :
‘android 12 ready’ tick be introduced so that the config and others minors setting could be automatically reverted to android 12 requirements.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean here - could you explain a bit more?

Everyone should be building for Android 12 - Google not be approving apps which are not ready.

Hi,i think i am too old to make this mistake.please simply ignore this post.pardon me,tst

Hi,i admit i am just trying to help by posting in this web board.i guess,this time round,i am posting too many post in a short,i think i would not be posting here for quite some rdgs,tst

Don’t hesitate to ask questions here, and don’t be discouraged if we ask for more information. We know English is not your first language and appreciate your effort.

Hi, don’t worry,i will still post question(s) here.really please for your good understanding - that my first language isn’t English.i would still put in my best effort here .thanks for your kind words,tst