Animate grid col widths

Hi all

I’ve successfully animated hiding and showing grid rows by…

$("#Grid1 tr").eq(x).animate({height: 290,fontSize: 30})

but can’t seem to modify it for columns. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Answered my own question. FYI this is how

Function ColShrinkButton_onclick()
  ForMax = RefDataGrid.getColCount() * RefDataGrid.getRowCount() 
  ForStart = Input1.value - 1   'Input that while testing lets you choose which column number to shrink
  StepValue = RefDataGrid.getColCount()
  console.log("ForMax:" & ForMax & " ForStart:" & ForStart & " StepValue:" & StepValue)

  For c = ForStart To ForMax Step StepValue
    console.log("shrink c:" & c)
    $("#RefDataGrid td").eq(c).animate({width: 0, fontSize: 0})
End Function