Animate size of image in grid cell

I’m animating the font in a grid cell no worries by…

$("#MenuGrid_0_1").animate({fontSize: fs,color: "steelblue"})

I have images in the cell using…

MenuGrid.setValue(0,c,"Menu item<br><img height=80 width=80 src='Icon.png' id='MenuGrid_0_" & c & "'>")

Is there a way of animating the image’s width & height?

Have you tried putting ' ' around the width & height values.
i.e. height='80px' width='80px'

The size works ok. I’m wanting to animate the size of the image in the grid cell. eg start 0px by 0px and animate up to 80x80.

Maybe try adding a class=“myAnimation” to your img or img wrapper then put this in the css

.myAnimation {
transition: all 0.4s;

Then when you adjust the image size it should animate.