Anomaly or nightmare?

It seems like I have the most unusual things happen to me with appstudio and that is probably because I am an on/off user. I’m in “on” mode now and have run into something that is very “off the wall”.
My one and only app theme deals with coordinate geometry but I created 4 versions to address size of screen (phone, 7" and 11") and an evaluation version for prospective buyers. Ok, now for the good part…Within the app is a routine that lists the points with their data (north and east coordinates and descriptor) in one column. A text box allows the user to enter a range of points (like 1 to 12, etc) but if that box is left blank, it lists all the points. This has worked flawlessly over the years with my vb6 code, appstudio code, etc. for each of the 4 versions. But now I was blown away when I entered the numbers for a range of points (2 numbers separated with a dot) and got in return a column of numbers showing the correct values but each one was repeated several (up to 12 or 13 times but sometimes just 4 or 5). Naturally I thought I had mis-coded but could not find a thing. If I left the text box blank, the result was as it should be. Only when I asked for a range was this happening. Occasionally, the range listed properly but most of time it did not. In fact, it was ok one night but next morning off the wall again and was occurring in each of the 4 versions. After much head scratching and many hours, I discovered that I had been opening the 4 versions without closing each first so that they were all open at the same time, their a/s icons residing in the system tray. Somehow, the computer gremlins were reaching into the other 3 codes and adding to the one I wanted. Makes sense, huh?. No it doesn’t. So when I removed the unused 3, the one left worked as it should. I am using the demo version for 8.5.6 and deploying to the volt server. This same problem is also on the device. I am not looking for answers unless there are some but thought I would simply show those interested what CAN happen with a/s. I am satisfied now that the app is working properly and I don’t sit up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare about it. I’m sure that has never happened to any of you who program perfectly, right? Anyway thanks for listening and be prepared for other fantasies of mine. I do have other questions but not related to this topic.