Another keystore thread

I’m converting a large appstudioV4, phonegap project to appstudioV8,VoltBuilder. It always builds as debug. I have tried the keystore I’ve been using for years and a new one created by VoltSign. They both fail. They are in the certificates folder and voltbuilder.json says “release” and points to it. After five days of trying everything I can think of, it still insists on building as debug. There are no error messages.

AppStudio generates the VoltBuilder.json file from your project properties.

In VoltBuilder and Cordova, Cordova command should be set to run android --release

That worked. How do I change the name (id) of the app? In the old version, I just saved as. Doing that in V8 changes the project name and directory, but not the app id.

I’ll explain further. What I used to do is test under one name, and then when done, save under the production name and submit to Google. This no longer works.

Nevermind. If you close NSB and restart it, the name changes.